Facilitating Accountability through Citizen Engagement (FACE)


The FACE project is a social accountability project aimed at facilitating accountability and improve service delivery in Abim, Pallisa and Teso region implemented in Partnership with the Delocratic Governance Facility (DGF). The project seeks to achieve improved citizen engagement on government accountability, improve CSO Engagement in Accountability and Anti- Corruption and improved government responsiveness to accountability issues. The project will seek to achieve this through building capacity and reorganizing Community Based Accountability Structures (CBAS) and the formal Local Government Accountability Institutions (LGAIs) to improve transparency, feedback and responsiveness to accountability demands in 09 District local governments. We shall adopt tools and approaches such as the community scorecards, dialogue and debates in facilitating the engagement between leaders and citizens and research and advocacy to influence service delivery policies. By so doing, The FACE project will make a direct contribution to sphere 2 of DGF i.e. “citizen empowerment, engagement and accountability”. As a learning organization, this project will benefit from our new innovations like; community scorecards, targeting lower local government councils, strengthen integration of formal service user committees i.e. School Management Committees (SMCs), Parents Teachers’ Associations (PTAs), Health Unit Management Committees (HUMCs) and expand area of operation beyond the Teso region by targeting Abim-Karamoja sub-region and Pallisa-Bukdei sub-region.