Community Responsibility in Enhancing Transparency and Accountability (CRETA)


This is an activity implementing project partnership between TAC and the Inspectorate of Government in Soroti and Kumi Districts. The project is aimed at Strengthening Transparency Accountability and Anti Corruption (STAAC) in the implementation of the NUSAF III Project in the two districts. TAC is responsible for capacity building in form of training of Community Monitoring Groups (CMGs) at parish level. The capacity building is enhanced by organizing and leading the CMGs to champion the CRETA component in all government projects using the social accountability tools such as community scorecards, Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS) and Input Tracking. The target of this partnership with the IG is to ensure that all Ugandans play their citizen duty on combating corruption and that there will be a citizen led sustainable social accountability mechanism in each village across the country.