Woman finds hidden box when doing up kitchen – but has no idea what to do with contents

If you found a wallet stuffed with money in the street, what would you do?

The likelihood is that you’d be determined to find its rightful owner, and hope that karma favours you at some point in the future because of your good deed.

But, if you found money within a house that you’d bought, would your moral compass guide you in the same way?

One woman took to Mumsnet to explain that she’d had an old kitchen ripped out, and a box was found by the fitter.

She said: “Inside was £4,000 in cash. We informed the solicitor who managed the sale (it was a probate house sale). What do you think will happen?”

Others commented to praise the woman for being so honest about what was found.

“You’re more honest than me”, one commented.

Another said: “That was good of you to do so, many wouldn’t and I can’t hand on heart say I’d do the same.”

“Bless you..many people would not have said”, praised another.

Someone else wrote: “Hope you get to keep it. I would have declared it too. Fingers crossed your honesty is repaid in full.”

Other people were confused about why the mum had been so honest, however.

Someone quipped: “You buy a house and everything within it. If you found toxic waste, it would be up to you to dispose of it. Honestly, I would have kept my mouth shut and put it towards your kitchen.”

Another wrote: “Oh gosh, how exciting! I have to say I would have probably kept quiet and hung onto it for a few months to see what happened.”

“I’d have kept it, with no regrets”, one commented.

Meanwhile, a fw speculated why the money may have been left there.

One wrote: “Might have been one parent squirrelling it’s away and they died before telling their husband or wife and then she or he died and that’s why the children don’t know about it.

“Could also have been saved a long time ago and then forgotten about if the person became old and had dementia.

“Just some examples of why the children selling the house were not aware of it.”