Teso Anticorruption Coalition

A Corruption Free Society
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To be a platform for Accountability & Transparency

Teso Anticorruption Coalition (TAC) is a registered coalition of indigenous Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), credible individuals, and community based organisation (CBOs) that can demonstrate commitment to TAC’s objectives and core mandate. TAC members subscribe to the goal that joint campaigns and advocacy activities against corruption and abuse of office help spur access to better services


The Participatory Governance and Social Accountability (PGSA) is a programme designed by TAC to respond to the international, regional, national and local


Corruption in Uganda is widespread and seen as one of the greatest obstacles to the country’s economic development as well as to the provision of quality public services.


The District Integrity Promotion Forum (DIPF) is a state led accountability mechanism which brings together key accountability stakeholders at the district level. The role of

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We run important projects to realise our Mission & Vision

The FACE project is a social accountability project aimed at facilitating accountability and improve service delivery in Abim, Pallisa and Teso region implemented in Partnership with

The “GOAL” project is an initiative of TAC with support from GIZ-RELAPU in Soroti. The project has so far been implemented in Katine and Asuret Sub Counties of Soroti District first

This is an activity implementing project partnership between TAC and the Inspectorate of Government in Soroti and Kumi Districts. The project is aimed at Strengthening 

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