TAC espouses a theory that anticorruption also needs to combine perpetuator accountability and victim support. In 2006 a complaints desk was opened and annexed to the TAC secretariat for purposes of providing victim support inn form of legal aid, legal assistance and referral of victims of corruption. The intention initially was only the victims of corruption but since corruption had permeated a number of sectors in the Ugandan society; soon cases including labour disputes, human rights violations, land disputes and administrative complaints begun to be recorded.

TAC uses internal capacity of staff to provide the needed advice and assistance but also refers and follow-up the cases. The complaints desk also provides direct interventions in terms of Alternative Dispute Resolution using mediation to resolve majorly land and labour disputes. On average a about 200 cases get registered annually. TAC has also partnered with local Legal Aid Service Providers such as LEMU, Uganda Law Society, Teso Legal Aid Project, Uganda Human Rights Commission, Inspectorate of Government Soroti Office, the Labour Officer and the Uganda Police as a referral pathway partner.

TAC also participates in the District Coordination Committee of the Justice Law and Order Sector that provides a platform to the coalition to engage sector actors in systemic issues such as corruption, abuse of office and undue influence in the dispensation of justie. Through this approach; victims have obtained direct support for their cases e.g labour claimants have been paid their dues by employers. Arrests and prosecution of a range of public servant including police officers and court clerks on corruption related cases.