PFA (public financing for agriculture) is a three year project that is supported by the Bill Gates Foundation through USAID to Action Aid International and TAC as the local implementing partner running from 2012-2015.

Purpose of the project:

To catalyze the need for increased quantity and quality of public investment in Agriculture in order to increase the productivity and well being of women small holder farmers, their households and the general community.

The proposed project will provide farmers especially women farmers and their organizations with the skills, capacity and knowledge to:

  • Understand public agricultural spending and be able to monitor it
  • Track district and national budgets in order to identify opportunities for improved public resource utilization and quality services in the agricultural sector, and
  • Advocate with key local and national level officials in support of strong public investment in agriculture through interventions that best support women small holder farmers.

Aims of the project:

The project aims at strengthening the capacity of women and men small holder farmers with a view to

  • Publicize the levels and line items in current agricultural budgets
  • Assessing the effectiveness of these budgets and allocations in addressing the needs and
  • Presenting evidence to policy makers about effective policies to meet the specific needs of smallholders and women farmers

Project intervention areas:

  1. Magoro and Kapujan Sub Counties in Katakwi District

Implementation model:

The project uses participatory methodology of engaging right from National and local levels. At National level, budget information is obtained by Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group and given to TAC at the grass roots for carrying out community based research and household surveys to understand the influence of the budget architecture on the Locals targeted. Findings are then presented to the duty bearers to inform policy making processes. TAC works with two local CBOs in the two Sub counties for sustainability and need for capacity of local organizations to engage in policy advocacy and Accountability Work.

Project beneficiaries:

The project targets to work with the locally existent farm associations and group members selected. 27 groups of 30-35 members have been identified targeting 60% participation of women in Magoro and Kapujan Sub counties of Katakwi District.

Strategic activities

I. Capacity building and Trainings on

- Advocacy, farmer representation and public accountability

- Gender budgeting

- Local government planning and budget cycle

- Budget tracking/Public Expenditure Tracking

II. Research and documentation

- Needs assessment

- Brain storms on local government plans and budget gaps

- Agricultural budget tracking (PETs)

- State of agricultural services and utilization of public agricultural resources

- State of food security

- Exchange and learning visits to identify, document and share good practices/experiences to re enforce advocacy

III. Policy dialogues among farmers, civil society organizations and local governments both at district and sub county levels

  • Open forum dialogues
  • Media outreaches
  • Partner meetings

Expected outcomes:

- Women's and farmers' organizations with strong capacity and knowledge to conduct budget trucking and analysis

- Strong evidence-based analysis and effective direct advocacy by TAC and her partners

- Government motivated to increase agricultural budget allocations from 2011 baseline levels and bias the composition towards the needs of women small holder farmers

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