This project with support from ACTIONAID International through Anticorruption coalition Uganda (ACCU). This project runs from 2010 - 2013.

Aims of the project
The project aims at improving the service delivery in both health and education sectors. This includes providing platforms and strengthening of the capacity of the community to engage with their leaders and service providers.

Project intervention areas:
The project covers one district of Teso sub region that is, Soroti since it's a pilot projects.

Project Beneficiaries
The beneficiaries of this project includes the selected women monitors (80) their spouses, ordinary members of the community, political leadership, local civil society organizations among others.

Key Project Activities

Radio Programmes: The radio as a tool of public communication is used to carry out a sensitization drive in the region. A few radio stations have been selected to run this activity. The radio is used for talk shows, publicity of community interventions and mobilization of communities to events such as dialogues and public lectures.

Public Accountability Forums (PAFs): Public Accountability forums in selected sub counties. This is a model of promoting civic participation in accountability and transparency of leaders. Community members at the sub counties are mobilized to a public place where issues from the resource monitoring and leaders performance will be discussed.

Monitoring service delivery: The women monitors go and carry out monitoring at their sub counties every month and submit monthly reports to TAC. Both sectors are monitored and a general report is written.

SMS Gateway: Here each woman monitor has a phone which they use to send a message on corruption as per the monitoring done at each sub county. This is preferred since an SMS is quicker as compared to a monthly written report.

Women Anticorruption Forums: Women's Anticorruption Forums are held to provide an avenue for women to interface with leaders to discuss topical issues on governance affecting women in the region. Issues of service delivery, development projects, women's' rights and duties are discussed at such forums.

Capacity building: The women monitors are trained to equip them with skills on how to carry out monitoring and also given some refresher trainings to keep them abraced with the new trends of corruption.

Expected out comes

  • Civic empowerment for social accountability:
  • Effective service delivery
  • Visibility: These actions proposed above all have a component of highlighting the achievements and challenges of anticorruption activists and actors.
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