Oselel Youth Brick Making Youth Group in Anyara S/C in Kaberemaido District received UGX 3Million from the Youth Livelihood Project. All benefitting youth groups understand that this money is a loan and is recoverable from the group or the individuals. Since the project commenced it has been wrought by a number of challenges including; reported kick-backs by the youth groups to the Sub County authorities who participate in processing the payments, misuse by the youth leaders and deviations from the design of the projects. Local leaders especially RDCs have been heard calling on the locla politicians to supervise the YLP to avoid rampant abuse.

When Oselel Youth Group received their money; they deviated from the design of the project of Brick Laying to sharing the grant among the leaders to procure motorclycles for the Boda-Boda business. After that happened; it has become a cat-and-mouse relationship with the Sub County Authorities meant to supervise the fund. This is not an isolated trend but many groups have been affected with mostly the group leaders benefiting.

When TAC begun training of community structures on accountability; the LC III Chairperson of Anyara identified the leaders of this group to attend the Anyara session on 10th August 2016 in the S/C headquarters with the intention that the training would equip them and prevent continued abuse of the project funds. However the youth group leaders became suspicious of being 'arrested' by TAC and opted to shun the training. They later sent in a spy to confirm if indeed TAC had arrived at the Sub County to follow-up with their group's use of the YLP money. The CDO and other participants called upon TAC to support the S/C to recover the money from Oselel and other groups that have abused the funds. "The challenge with the members of these youth groups is that they are near the Sub County before they access the funds. After that; we behave like in-laws", said the CDO of Anyara.

TAC is committed yo conduct Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys for these YLP's from 2016/16FY onwards to determine what accountability issues are affecting the programme and design better approaches for future projects.

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