The parents of Akide primary school have petitioned authorities at Ongino Sub County to intervene over the mismanagement of funds that were collected by the community towards putting back a roof of a four classroom block.
The classroom block was blown off by a strong storm early this year and since then the school administration has faced challenges to accommodate the displaced pupils.
The community that contributed the money meant for putting back the blown off roof had accused the Akide taskforce authorities for failing to complete the project after mismanaging the funds entrusted onto them.
Following the said petition, the sub county conducted an audit of the said funds and later discovered that the committee had caused a loss of Ush 570,000 from the contributions that parents had collected to help the school re-roof the blown off structure.
As a result on 1st of Sept 2015 a total of 350,000 had been recovered from the taskforce committee and an outstanding Ush 220,000 is due to be paid.
During a joint review meeting held by Teso Anti-corruption Coalition in Ongino Sub County, it was recommended that a joint audit of all sub county assets be done for all other institutions including assets at the sub county.
An audit of assets for Ongino Sub County has so far been done in association with Kumi district Local Government internal audit as mechanism of preventing the theft and misuse of institutional assets.
Following the success of this audit, the head of finance in Ongino has promised to undertake a similar exercise in all health units in Ongino Sub County.

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