Members sitting at the Teso Anticorruption Coalition Annual General Assembly have elected in anew treasurer during the 8th Annual General Assembly held recently.

The post fell vacate upon the resignation of the former treasurer Ms Roselinda Oyuu who has since then joined active politics as the aspiring Kaberamaido Woman Member of Parliament for the 2016 parliamentary elections

The slot for treasurer attracted two competitors Rev Michael Okwii Esakan, former member at the finance committee and Mr Henry Ekolu from Kaberamaido NGO Forum.

Mr Michael Odeke, chairperson TAC informed members seated at the Assembly that it was imperative to have a new treasurer before the closure of the General Assembly.

The nominated candidates upon being seconded by more than two members of the General Assembly were ushered to address the congregation of AGM members by the chairperson Board, before the electoral commission chairperson of the day Mr John Were called the house to order for the election.

Out of the total 19 ballot papers casted Rev Michael Esakan emerged winner with 12 votes against 7 for Mr Henry Ekolu, a retired journalist by profession and cooperative society advocate and worker.


“By the powers conferred upon me I declare Mr Esakan as the new elected treasurer,” the EC chairperson Mr Were, a staff at IGG confirmed.

Rev Michael Esakan is a Rev at Church of Uganda; he is the member to the TAC Board, served as the Dean of the Theological Department at Uganda Christian University Mukono, also served as the head of Uganda Christian University Mbale Campus, prior to all this he also served at All saints Church at Nakasero administering the word of God.
In his acceptance speech, he informed the General Assembly members that he will execute duties in line with his new role as treasurer with dignity.

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