Orungo police post in Orungo S/C Amuria district had for a long time lacked a pit latrine. They heavily used one belonging to the community store.

Unfortunately because of the use of the pit was turning to become communal its management fenced it off leaving the police officers stranded.

The matter was raised during the community citizen Parliament as a matter brining about inconvenience to the police service.
The OC Orungo police post attended the citizen parliament in which these issues were raised.

As a result of the complaint, the police used the resources at their disposal to construct a temporary pit latrine which is now operational.

A group of 6 youth came to TAC to report a case of nonpayment by the contractor of Tamula Agro-Forest Suppliers and general contractors.
The youth had been working in the construction of Amoni primary school as Masons, Helpers and transporters and had not been paid monies worth Ugx. 840,000.
The contractor claimed not to have been paid for the work and thus failed to raise money to even transport the workers back to their homes. When the school management committee was reached for help, they managed to convince the contractor to avail the workers transport back to Soroti town of Ugx. 60,000=.They reached out to TAC to help recover the remaining amount of Ugx. 474,600=. TAC with the help of the Labour office in Soroti played a mediation role between the Contractor and the complainants and on the 26/05/2014; they were successfully paid all their money in which they wrote an appreciation letter to TAC.

The TAC complaints desk earlier on 4th/Nov/2013 received a case from one Okalebo Richard (the busar of Kanyum Comprehenssive SS). In his statement; he accused the Head teacher of the School Mr. Mwase of diverting World Bank funds of Ugx. 2,400,000= under Universal Post Primary Education Project to his personal bank account No-9030000843627 Stanbic Bank Jinja Rd branch on different occasions on the 6th/9/2013, 20th/09/2013 and 8th/10/2013 transfers of 1,000,000=, 400,000= and 1,000,000= respectively were made from the school account.

A corruption case exposed during the TAC accountability dialogues in 2011 has finally been disposed off by the anticorruption court in 2014.
The abuse of office and embezzlement charges were opened against Mr Yuventine Opus whom the parents and pupils faulted in 2011 for misusing UPE and other donor grants to Adeso Primary School in Ongiino Sub County in Kumi District.

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